Road Trip Italy/Swiss Part II

THE JOURNEY “HOME” (our German home)
The second half of our trip has us departing Bologna on a rainy Sunday morning. We stopped at Bakery Station for some “American” breakfast because sometimes you just need pancakes. A quick note about restaurants we visit. We rarely get the chance to take photos of our food because, as it arrives, we are always caught playing the “oh place that here” and “honey move her drink there” game. Then, as soon as the plates hit the table, the beasts (read kids) require feeding. About two minutes in, we realize we never snapped a picture, but there’s not much appeal to a half eaten kid’s burger. So, we will try, but don’t expect anything approaching a food blog so long as we travel with the kiddos.

After breakfast, it was a return to the toll road and on the next destination, Dorio – a small town back on Lake Como. A decent climb in our mini mini van got us to the apartment and an impressive view of the water and surrounding hills. It was a cloudy day when we IMG_5110arrived and the next morning did not bring much sunshine either, but the critics still approved of the sites. The area is very peaceful and would be perfect for a romantic getaway… but we #TravelWithToddlers

This portion of the trip is a big part of the reason we enjoy traveling – the unexpected becoming the memorable. The pictures will do most of the talking but what was supposed to be about a four hour drive turned into eight.

It easily could have been eight days… enjoy the photos!

At one point going down a mountain side, I realized the cars behind me were stacking up. No worries, I was waiting to see just how well our mini mini van was engineered anyway. A few minutes into the switchbacks, and we hear a “I don’t feel so good” from the back seat… just in time to see our eldest processing the least violent vomiting I’ve ever witnessed in my life.

I pull over – almost sliding into a snow embankment in the process – and we do our best damage control while the kid “finishes up” haha. So here we are, in a surreal mountainside in Switzerland, cars wizzing by while we try to reach to the MIDDLE SEAT (our kids seat three wide) to clean our kid and car. Can’t think of a parenting book that covers this scenario.

We finally left the beautiful scenery and headed for one of the smallest countries in the world. For such a small size and for the little amount of time we spent there, we sure did make some memories. Soon after arriving, THIS HAPPENED! It will never not be funny, although he wasn’t too happy soon after the fall:IMG_5302

One other memorable story – We had lunch in Liechtenstein before the final leg to Germany. Kids were a bit restless, so we were eager to pay and get home. One final story:

1st problem – they only took cash
easy solution – I’ll run to the ATM to withdraw some (Swiss Francs is the legal tender, incase anyone was wondering)

2nd problem – I get to the ATM and discover I do not have my debit card on me
easy solution – I’ll run to the car to get it

3rd problem – grab card but realize the car was a bit messy from the road trip
easy solution – I’ll gather as much trash as I can and chunk it in the trash. Run BACK to the ATM

4th problem – get to the ATM… no debit card. At this point, I’m about to lose it.
easy solution – there is none

5th problem – get back to the car, debit card nowhere to be found.
easy solution – I’ll turn the car upside down to find it

6th problem – it was nowhere to be found. Consider that I could have thrown it away?!?
easy solution – I’ll dig through the trash.

Good news! I found the card. Bad news! I dug through trash to get it.

I run BACK to the ATM. By the way, this process has taken about 20 minutes at this point. The poor wife has no idea what is going on or why I’m taking so long. The whole time, I’m passing back and forth in front the restaurant and I’ll I can imagine is my kiddos reenacting that scene from Lord of the Flies.

FINALLY get cash, RUN back to the restaurant, pay, and while there was no bonfire, the look on my wife’s face said it all: LETS. GET. OUT. OF. HERE. Apparently one of the boys decided it would be wise to start licking a variety of items while the little girl had drawn inspiration from the aforementioned scene and was performing her own reenactment. The third kid was just whining the whole time. Mild in comparison.fullsizerender1.jpg

So that’s about it. We rolled through Austria for all of 5 minutes and along the beautiful Lake Constance on the way home. Cruised the autobahn at well over American speed limits and still got passed like we were doing 50mph.

When it was all said and done, at the end of the night, we thought “boy, never doing that again”.

Until next time.

One thought on “Road Trip Italy/Swiss Part II

  1. I love it. You’re doing a great job for your first blog. You’re storytelling is delightful. I miss you all very much and cherish the family’s adventures.
    Raquel aka JuJu.


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