Road Trip Italy/Swiss Part I (Our First Blog!)

So full disclosure up front… we have no idea what we are doing!

And that’s for most of life in general, not just this blog. We will do some ‘about us’ another time because this first blog has taken long enough and, well, most of y’all are probably relatives or friends anyway.

So, I think we will try to do some quick recaps bur mostly let the pictures do the talking.

So this post will cover the first half of our road trip through Switzerland on our way to our destination of Bologna. We will follow up in “part 2” with the return journey home to Germany.

The first stop was a night in Lucerne. Though our time was short, we enjoyed the attractive architecture and our stay at Hotel Goldener Stern, which had a solid bar/restaurant that we missed out on in the evening (as usual) but caught the customary European breakfast there in the morning.

No rest for the weary as we headed to Bologna. Now, the previous night’s drive was blanketed with the thickest fog I’d ever seen, let alone driven in. This day appeared a little easier, but the rain, tunnels, and three toddlers still limited the relaxation factor quite a bit. BUT, once we got through it all- sunshine!


We had some friends headed in the same direction so we decided to link up for lunch at Lake Como, Italy. Yes, I know how that sounds. Trust me, we realize how fortunate we are for these experiences.

So our friends have four kiddos themselves… table for 11, por favore!

Lunch was several pizzas that were, of course, very good. We are usually scrambling for napkins, cutting kids’ food, bartering with them to try the “funny looking” dishes, etc., so we rarely get a good snapshot of our meals. The following has our best photo of our lunch as well as the little ones enjoying some seriously good gelato.

OK… less words! Stroll after lunch-

The autobahns in Germany have some people hauling! But a close second is the toll roads in Italy… wow! Then driving in Bologna reminded me of driving in Manila. In other words, get in where you fit in haha.

But alas, Bologna was beautiful. The city came across as “original”, meaning that the old was still beautiful, but also full of imperfections. Authentic might be the best word here. Whatever it was, we loved it.

So it’s been many days in the works but there it is, at least part 1. We hope you’ve enjoyed our adventure so far. Two goals we have while abroad and with this blog is to keep everything in perspective (how blessed we are) and also project honesty about our lives (plenty of challenges with three young kids and general life abroad).

So with that in mind, just a few more photos:

2 thoughts on “Road Trip Italy/Swiss Part I (Our First Blog!)

  1. What a great blog that you two have created and shared! I love the raw and realness you two show others! God Blessed you two with 3 beautiful kiddos and a life of travel, enjoy it all and make fun memories! Love you all!
    Kiah Kamman

    Liked by 1 person

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